IBGR.Network Show Hosts Level 1- Establishing Your Authority

IBGR.Network Show Hosts Level 1- Establishing Your Authority

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Imagine hosting your own radio show that is more than a radio show!

Imagine broadcasting to over 161 countries, 82% of all the countries around the world, and do that while promoting your brand.

Imagine working with some of the top global entrepreneurs and business owners as peers helping them build their businesses as they help yours.

What would that do for your business?

That is the offer and an offer that will redefine you and your business. Join the team at IBGR and host your own show. Our requirements are simple: know your topic because you live it and have a current business you run, we will handle the rest. At this price point you find no offer this good for the reach, teamwork, and reach your message will receive.

$500.00 is a quarterly charge (13 weeks or $38.46 a show) for a 60 minute business talk show hosted by IBGR and delivered by you on weekends (13 shows total)

AUTHORITY Host Level Features:

  • Weekend Show in your local market
  • A plug-and-play easy to use script for your to follow
  • Your show is recorded and a podcast provided
  • Your 60 second commercial plays daily in your local market

The Authority is our Basic PAK. It allows you to quickly gain visibility and exposure for your business and your expertise. Impact entrepreneurs and business owners around the world while experiencing the raw purity of radio. The adrenaline rush is amazing and the support is off the charts. We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs!

Visibility & Exposure

  • Personalized show graphic and listing on IBGR.Network
  • Promotions on IBGR.Network social media sites - Events Only
  • Show airs on 13 Internet Directories, IBGR.Network and App


  • Market regionally
  • Interact as an authority in our Community of Commerce 
  • Brand association with IBGR.Network


  • DIY tools to quickly & easily discover your OnAir personality
  • Weekly team huddles to provide feedback
  • Accountability to produce regular content