Show Host Level 3 - THE SOURCE (3 Month Pricing)

Show Host Level 3 - THE SOURCE (3 Month Pricing)

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First, choose Level 1 or Level 2. Then decide on the physical presence you want in the market. The Level 3 add-on option supports the development of courseware from your show notes and radio shows to further establish thought leadership and create a revenue stream. Members of IBGR’s Development Team have built training programs for some of the largest international organizations and understand how to monetize content. We will help you design a range of options, from a traditional classroom experience to a pay-for-use webinar, and everything in between. Imagine creating an additional revenue stream from your show content produced as part of your global broadcast.

* This service is only available to current and post hosts.

$3,000.00 is a 3 month/quarterly ADD-ON charge for support and guidance with Design, Development, and Piloting of your courseware. This can run concurrently with your show or as a standalone service. We restrict the service to current or past IBGR Show Hosts.

What is in your SOURCE Package

  • Principles of Designing Courseware that delivers Results

  • Access to IBGR’s Library of Best Practices including:

    • Creating DIY (Do It Yourself) Courses

    • Creating Guided Courses

    • Creating Classroom Courses

    • The Technology of Text

    • Building Approved ‘Certification’ Training

Use IBGR.Network as a Creative platform to share your expertise with the world because your voice, your intellect, and your message need to be heard!

Access the Inaccessible

  • Access to IBGR’s IP (Intellectual Property) Growth Library

  • Access to IBGR’s Fortune 50 course designers and trainers

  • Create a Consulting, Coaching, and Training Company?

Be the Source

  • Become a Content Creating Machine

  • Use the latest technology to market all of your Intellectual Property

  • Create your own content- you are The Source

* Subject to IBGR’s Subject Matter Experts Availability. Space is limited.