Advertizing Level 1 - BE FEATURE Package Options

Advertizing Level 1 - BE FEATURE Package Options

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A Great Place to Start Creating Awareness

This is our starter program to market your offer to listeners. Your 60-second commercial will run once a day in our advertizing deck. Based on your businesses coverage, select which market (Australasia, South Asia, Prime Meridian, and North America) to run your advertizing spots. 

$300.00 is a monthly charge, the quarterly charge is $910 

Marketing Agency Level 1 Features

  • Each Advertizing Spot = $10
  • 7 plays a week
  • 28-31 plays a month
  • 91 plays in a quarter
  • IBGR will provide a script
  • IBGR will process and edit the mp3 commercial
  • Select your market for random play
  • Receive a copy of the 60-second spot for replay for your use