Advertizing Level 3 - DOMINATE Package Options

Advertizing Level 3 - DOMINATE Package Options

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Convert Excitement to Traction

This is our most advanced offer. Levels 1 and 2 are DIY, where we help you use our tools. 

The difference between this and the other Levels is Exposure and Positioning. 

Just like Level 2, you pick which shows you want your spot to play in and your business is mentioned during the selected show as a Segment Sponsor which means being promoted multiple times per day and included in the podcast.

Your 60-second commercial will run 4 times a day in the show of your choice. You can select the market to concentrate the message (Australasia, South Asia, Prime Meridian, and North America) or run it globally.

$2,440.00 is a monthly charge, the quarterly charge is $7,280.00. 

Marketing Agency Level 3 Features

  • Each Advertizing Spot = $20
  • 28 plays a week
  • 122 plays a month
  • 364 plays in a quarter
  • IBGR will provide a script
  • IBGR will process and edit the mp3 commercial
  • IBGR will help you create a Marketing Plan to integrate radio and podcast advertizing into your approach
  • Select your market for Placement
  • Sponsor your chosen show
  • Receive a copy of the 60-second spot for replay on your website