[BUNDLE] How to Start a Consulting Firm (by someone who has built 5 of them)

[BUNDLE] How to Start a Consulting Firm (by someone who has built 5 of them)

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The purpose of this show is to provide an overview to entrepreneurs on the techniques and challenges of creating a successful consulting practice. Although focused on small businesses, the techniques and tools presented this series work anywhere.

This series has been in development long before the radio station. I have built several successful consulting firms and realized if we focused on small business success we could revolutionize an industry while making a significate contribution to our communities.

We can change the trajectory for the most important global community - business owners. We, you and I, make up 5% of the worlds population and employ 57% of it. That means 375 million entrepreneurs directly impact 1.9 billion employees, and that is before discussing the impact those business have with their goods and services.

Look at IBGR as your CGO - your fractional Chief Growth Officer and partner in creating a small business consulting firm. 

This series of podcasts is focused on a narrow niche of consulting; existing and new. I have created 5 businesses over the last 30 years - in order moderately successful, successful, and very successful. Part of the information provided on my shows is based on that experience. Oh By The Way - all 3 of those were consulting firms.

My Game Changer Series is designed for new and existing consulting firms focused on startups - helping to start more and become more successful - A Game Changer.

Last thought - our goal at IBGR, be a game changer for you.

Key Issues - Owner Perspective:

  1. What does it take to become a successful consultant
  2. How do I turn that into a successful business
  3. How does it make money.