Show Host ADD-ON 2: Thought Leader

Show Host ADD-ON 2: Thought Leader

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If you’re a consultant, coach, solopreneur, speaker, or small business owner and you want to stand out (unique and authentic) the IBGR Thought Leader option is the answer. Our team will help you get it written while laying the groundwork for more business and opportunities before your book is even finished! However, this package it is only available to current or former Hosts on the IBGR Network.

There is more to the offer, like being featured on our monthly Global Forums, but for right now, this is enough.

Oh and one more thing. Did we mention you will be associated with the number 1 internet based global business talk and news network? Imagine being able to say during the sale process - “I’m a worldwide business thought leader”.

This service is only available to current or past hosts.

You Receive: 

  • Our team will do all the editing, design, and production of your print, digital, and audiobook for you
  • Our team partner will coach you through the entire publishing, positioning, and launch process.
  • We partner with you to create your strategy and core messaging to strengthen your brand
  • Our team partner will identify your best keywords and categories for your launch
  • Our team partner will get you set up for global distribution as we take care of the 351 steps of publishing and profiting from your book
  • When you launch, our team partner will handle your marketing and advertising


EMAIL to get started

For more information email or mention this option during your onboarding.