Show Host Level 2 - THE EXPERT (3 Month Pricing)

Show Host Level 2 - THE EXPERT (3 Month Pricing)

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A Year of Marketing Content Created in 90 Days

Become the EXPERT. What would positioning yourself as the EXPERT in your field do for your business? That is what happens when our hosts take to the air waves to produce a global radio show!

Imagine professionals reaching out to you asking to be interviewed on YOUR radio show because you have a show that reaches 182 countries with a combined listener base of over 15,000 every month.

What would a playlist of 52 podcasts do for your visibility and positioning as the best choice for your future clients?

Become known as The Expert. Imagine the impact that would have on your business.

You Receive:

  • Weekday 1-hour Radio Show in your selected market
  • 52 podcasts with listing on our partner platforms (Currently 10)
  • Distribution through 21 Internet Radio Directories, the IBGR.Network, and the IBGR.App plus "As Heard On" branding for your website
  • Your 60 second commercial plays daily in your selected market
  • Promotional Materials and Marketing Kit provided
  • Your company is included in IBGR's Business Directory
  • Support to grow your reach, hone your presentation skills and build your podcast presence.


Be The Expert offer allows you to Instantly become a person of Influence by building on the IBGR.Network's reach and credibility. IBGR provides an avenue for your distinctive voice to be heard as an Internationally Trusted Expert.

Share your knowledge with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs around the world who value your expertise.

INVESTMENT: USD$1500 per quarter (13 weeks)

* Subject to Local Market OnAir Talent Openings. Space is limited.