Show Host Level 2 - THE EXPERT (3 Month Pricing)

Show Host Level 2 - THE EXPERT (3 Month Pricing)

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A Year of Marketing Content Created in 90 Days

Most programming on IBGR is with LIVE Hosts. Level 2 includes all the podcast distribution of Level 1 PLUS, your own show marketed by IBGR. Here is what you get - 60 minutes every week for 13 weeks of LIVE broadcasts to an audience of 180+ countries, 4 new podcasts recorded each week - 52 podcasts for the season. That means you create A Year's Worth of Content created in 13 Weeks. Also, by providing show notes for each broadcast IBGR will help you convert it into an eBook or as marketing collateral. Get it done with unmatched support including 6 hours of Personalized Onboarding, 3 hours of Marketing Strategy sessions and 13 hours of Live educational In-services.


The next level up for your OnAir personality is to become an EXPERT host. Your show will air during prime time (your market’s work hours) for entrepreneurs and business owners to help your brand's reach and influence. This is your opportunity to take your business to the next level with a complete digital marketing solution. 

Our job is to not only help develop your OnAir Persona but also market your show with syndicators, feature it in our Media Kit, and give your brand exposure with station promotions. We don't promise syndication, we do promise you will get noticed globally.  

Imagine having your Live podcasts broadcasted over multiple local, regional, and global platforms.

Imagine having the accountability to consistently create Marketing Collateral. What would 52 -13 minute podcasts (13 weeks X 4 segments per show) do for your visibility and positioning? Our proven system of podcasts and show notes are designed for conversion into website content, blogs, social media posts, emails, brochures, media kits, etc.

Imagine broadcasting to over 180+ countries, 93% of all the countries around the world, and do that while promoting your brand & expertise.

Imagine working with some of the top global entrepreneurs and business owners as peers, helping you build the business as you help them.

What would that do for your business?

$2,000.00 is a 3 month/quarterly charge (13 weeks at $153.85 a show) for a 60 minute business talk show broadcasted on the IBGR.Network and delivered by you every week during your local prime time. 

 What Is In Your EXPERT Package

  • Weekday Show in your local market

  • A plug-and-play easy to follow script

  • Your show is recorded and a podcast provided

  • Your podcast will be added to our partner platforms (Currently10 + 1)

  • Your 60 second commercial plays daily to our global market

  • Promotional Materials and Marketing Kit provided

  • Your show is broadcasted globally in all markets served by IBGR.Network

  • Your company is included in IBGR's Business Directory

  • Develop your skills as an OnAir Talent and Global Thought Leader

  • IBGR.Network will Promote your show for Syndication


Be The Expert offer allows you to Instantly become a person of Influence by building on the IBGR.Network's reach and credibility. IBGR provides an avenue for your distinctive voice to be heard as an Internationally Trusted Expert.

Share your knowledge with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs around the world who value your expertise.

* Subject to Local Market OnAir Talent Openings. Space is limited.