Show Host Level 3 - Be The Source (3 Month Pricing)

Show Host Level 3 - Be The Source (3 Month Pricing)

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Becoming the SOURCE is a major upgrade from the EXPERT Level. You receive everything offered at the previous Level PLUS a guaranteed time slot and the potential for syndication.

Our job is to not only help develop your OnAir Talent but also market your show with syndicators, featured in our Media Kit, and in station promotions. We don't promise syndication, we do promise you will get noticed globally. 

$1,500.00 is a 3 month or quarterly charge ($115.38 a show) for a 60 minute business talk show hosted by IBGR at a guaranteed time and delivered by you weekly during prime time. NOTE: at $115 a show that is 1/3 of the price of any other source!

EXPERT Host Level Features:

  • A guaranteed time slot for your Weekday Show in the local market*
  • A plug-and-play easy to follow script
  • Your show is recorded and a podcast provided
  • Your podcast will be added to our partner platforms (Currently10)
  • Build a tribe with your own group in IBGR's social community
  • Your 60 second commercial plays daily to our global market
  • Promotional Materials and Marketing Kit provided
  • Your show is broadcasted globally in all markets served by IBGR.Network
  • You will gain Music Controller access to IBGR's server for more control and access
  • Your company is included in IBGR's Business Directory
  • Develop your skills as an OnAir Talent
  • IBGR.Network will Promote your show for Syndication

The Source is our Advanced PAK. Use it as a jumping off point for syndication and maximum global reach, You have a unique message. Using your show to take a stand on opinions that are right but not widely held - yet will launch your as a new Thought Leader.

Use IBGR.Network as a Creative platform to share your expertise with the world because your voice and your message needs to be heard!


  • Customized Show Marketing Kit and Promotional Materials
  • 60 Second Commercial
  • Elite Listing on IBGR.Network Website & Business Directory

Launch Into the World

  • Fastest growth with Podcast hosting and distribution to 10 major platforms - "Alexa, play my podcast" Plus placement on all of our partner platforms
  • Weekly live marketing tips
  • Dedicated OnAir Mentor to prepare you for syndication

Be the Source

  • Own the airwaves and become a Thought Leader in your niche
  • Use the latest technology to market your live show and podcasts
  • Create your own content- you are The Source


* Subject to Local Market OnAir Talent Openings. Space is limited.