IBGR.Community FREE Membership Entry Level

IBGR.Community FREE Membership Entry Level

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This is the place to start. Test-drive the IBGR.Community to see what is going on and how it can fit your current business needs.

Inside you will find our OnAir Hosts, You can follow them and join their groups to gain access to their insights. You can also join the Daily Topic Groups on Finance, Operations, Customers, People, and your role as an Executive - for FREE.

FREE Membership Level Features:

  • Claim your Welcome Gift - All SIX Volumes of the Business Growth Strategies E-Book Series!
  • Participate in Community Forums
  • Assess to Blogs and Posting in the Community
  • Access to Show Notes
  • JOIN Your Favorite Hosts Group
  • JOIN One or More Daily Topic Groups
    • Choices include: 
      Finance for Hyper & Exponential Growth; AGILEAN Operations; Creating Raving Fans; People Advantage and 5% Executive

  What will you find in the Community?

  • It starts with groups. You are automatically a member of the Community of Commerce. It is a general area where everything is posted. You can keep up with what is happening at the station that will help your business.
  • Complete your profile so other members of the network understand your business better and can provide or ask for help.
  • You have the opportunity to join as many of the public groups as you want. We created groups based on topics of major concern to entrepreneurs: Finance, Operations, Customers, People, and Owner as Executive. It is the same as our weekly programming. When you join the group there is a survey asking as few questions that will help us better understand how we can help.
  • You will find all of our global OnAir Talent - the Show Hosts in the group and you can join their discussions on a topic and provide your ideas. Also you can post a question for conversation. The entire site is designed to help you successfully apply topics covered on the station.