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Radio advertizing might feel old-fashioned, especially with the rise of the Internet and other media, but this is not the case. Radio builds a much deeper relationship and loyalty with listeners and is a more portable medium allowing listening on the go.

Any marketer will tell you that people buy with their emotions. What you might not know is that emotions are much more vivid when attached to the imagination of the listener.

With radio advertizing, the listener is free to produce their own images, which makes a stronger emotional connection. These images are much stronger than other visuals because they are self-generated. Our listeners can close their eyes, but they can't close their ears.

All of that is true, but there is another consideration - you are Advertizing on a network, not a single station. IBGR is currently heard in 181 countries and has experienced 130,000 downloads in 2021.



Look at these benefits of radio advertizing:

  • Selective Targeting Means Your Niche Market + Listening Demographic = Ad Success: The IBGR Radio station targets specific demographics and market segments. You can target and reach potential customers with an increased frequency when advertizing with the IBGR.Network. 
  • Increased frequency: Advertizing works best with frequency and repetition of message. Advertising with the IBGR.Network is a perfect choice because we expose your ad to our audience repeatedly to build awareness. Also, because of the loyalty of people listening to the same network, you are affecting the same people more often. Our listeners choose to listen to IBGR.Network - they want to listen and be engaged.
  • Personify Your Brand and Be More Memorable: Compared to written advertizing, sound is more effectively stored in memory. In addition, sound is easier to connect to emotions. It also allows listeners to use their imagination to create their own image of your offer. Radio advertizing pairs your brand with a voice in a way that allows it to speak directly to our listeners. Rather than seeing your name and associating it with a cleverly worded article, listeners hearing your radio ad will build a mental image of your brand based on your voice, attitude, and message. This builds a stronger know, like, and trust connection faster.
  • Time efficiency: Implementing a print or television ad can be a very endless process. In contrast, producing a radio ad with IBGR.Network has a quick turnaround time. Another advantage of radio ads is the ability to adapt and react quickly to changing market conditions. Radio commercials can be created quickly without the production and delays of other media. A radio advertising campaign can be up and running within a week.
  • Radio is Best Reach: Many other forms of marketing, like social media, depend on the involvement of an active audience. With radio advertizing, all it takes is a push of a button to get your message to our listeners' ears. As soon as our station plays your ad, everyone listening passively from employees tuning in at their desks to commuters heading to work will hear what you have to say. There's no need to grow traffic organically or urge others to share your social media posts; IBGR.Network will begin distribution with no additional effort on your part.
  • Cost effective: Radio advertizing costs significantly less than other types of advertising. Television and print ads can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars plus the added costs for video equipment, studio time and actors, models. Radio ads require fewer resources while being able to reach the same target audience with a greatly reduced marketing spend on your part.

PLUS - When you advertise with IBGR.Network your advertizing dollars multiply! All of our radio shows become recorded podcasts and are redistributed to 11 of the most popular podcast platforms, including Alexa, Spotify, Apple and Google. We have over 130,000 downloads in 2021.

In a nutshell...Radio Advertising Benefits:

  • Radio Advertizing is Cost Effective
  • Radio Advertizing Uses Selective and Efficient targeting
  • Radio Advertizing Reaches Listeners Easily and Frequently
  • Radio Advertizing cuts through all the Social Media Noise
  • Radio is a Media of Choice for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Radio is perceived as a friend - especially when the Listeners favorite OnAir Talent mentions YOUR BRAND is sponsoring THEIR SHOW


Did you know there is a formula you can use to maximize your advertizing and marketing budget?

According to research, the average buyer needs to hear an advertising message at least 21 times for it to be memorable. This means that ALL advertizements must reach your potential buyer 21 times before they make a purchase. The key to success is frequency with the same listener. Spreading your marketing budget across multiple advertizing mediums and radio stations will maximize your reach, but dilute the frequency your message reaches THE SAME listener. Frequency is the key to success.

Look at this quote from Thomas Smith in his book Successful Advertizing and his thoughts on frequency: Success = 21 Ad Exposures Reaching THE SAME Target Audience

Choose how fast and how often you want to reach your target audience with the IBGR.NETWORK customized Advertizing Offers. 

Radio is perceived as a friend - especially when your target market is listening to their favorite OnAir Talent and they mention YOUR BRAND is sponsoring THEIR SHOW!

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